1. Great Commission

  • "Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age." - Matthew 28:19-20
  • Not just a few are called, but everyone is called.

2. Parable of the Vines

Healthy & Fruitful

  • The fruitful vines will be blessed
  • Not fruitful vines will be cut off
  • Be natural, living with the way God made you to do it, not how someone else would do it

3. Issues of the Church

Institutionalized mindset

  • Imbalance of missions
    About 97% of missionaries work among people groups that have ACCESS to the gospel and 3% work among people groups that have NO ACCESS to the gospel.
  • Imbalance of finances
    In every US dollar given towards missions, less than 1 penny is used to reach people groups with NO ACCESS to the gospel.

4. New Perspective

Non-western Church

Year % Christians in Europe and North America % Christians in Latin America, Africa, Asia
1800 99% 1%
1900 90% 10%
1985 50% 50%
2010 31% 69%

Unreached People Focus

  • Unreached: An ethnic-language group having NO church planting
  • [Picture Below] The country of Nigeria vs the 538 Nations within Nigeria

5. Five Questions

Everyday you find yourself in places and in front of people for a reason. If you simply pause to see and hear what is around you, God will reveal His plans and porpose to you

What am I doing here?

Really stop to think, God does nothing without reason and He has placed you wherever you are now with a purpose. It could be at work, or in a taxi, or at the market, but with a small gesture you can let God's spirit show through you.

What's in my hand?

Where your passion meets the world's true needs is where your purpose it. Everyone's purpose will be different, so be creative. What is something you can use to minister with that no one else can?

What's in front of me?

Pay attention to the people you pass and meet but never got to know. Small things like helping someone who is down, or asking a name of a cashier can spark more than you think. If you really care for people, God will direct them to your path.

Do I know God's presence
is with me?

God's spirit is with you, so where you walk is holy ground. You are as powerful as the Ark of the Covenant that destroyed armies and idols. Walk in God's power into places you thought were impossible.

What if everyone discipled
the way I do?

If every Christian in the world made disciples the way that I do now, would the Church grow? Would it be healthy? God has called you to start to make a change.

6. 3RD Generation Disciples

Guide Don't Lead

We aren't the leaders or controllers. We plant and we move on. We let others take over, and they will follow our example to plant and move on as well.

Caught not Taught

Don't stop disciples. It's better to learn on the job than to break ministry momentum.

7. Small Group Roadmap


Contact → Commit → Call → Charge

A small group is not the end product, but is the middle step. The final goal is for the small group to go out and make their own disciples and small groups

Expectations VS Reality

Realize that discipleship will take years and expect problems and conflicts

Who is with you

Don't go alone. Form a team. Identify people around you that you can work well with and help you.

8. Makes Intentional Steps


Refocus: Inner Life (prayer, reading the Word), Outer (who are you discipling, who do you meet), Community (how to interact, what are you doing for people in your church and people around you) Journal Plug-in: Keep it all in track with handy-dandy-journal

Stay and Grow

Shepherd (traditional pastor, house visits
and follow-ups)
Teacher (teacher)
Evangelist (preacher)

Roles. Start and Go

Prophet (hears from God)
Apostles (church planter, going to new places)

9. Organic Church


"The presence of Jesus among His people, called out as a spiritual family to pursue His mission on this planet." -Neil Cole, The Organic Church

Five Essentials of the Church

  • Jesus builds the church
  • Jesus owns the church (acts 20: 28)
  • The church is meant to be growing
  • The church that is growing will face opposition
  • The church that Jesus builds is unstoppable

10. Church Planting Movements

A Church Planting Movement is a missional mindset of a church. Churches should be rapidly growing and should not stay enclosed. As a church starts, it should be already planning for a new church.

Elements and Strategies

  • Who is the most important person in a church? It's Christ. It’s time to rethink what the Church is all about.
  • Biblical model of a church
  • Strategic Principles
    • Let them Loose
    • Send and Train Simultaneously
    • Develop Niches
    • Expect and Affirm Multiplication
    • Contextualize Message and Messenger
    • Risk Failure
    • Cultivate Financial Independence
    • Sow the Seed Liberally (Preach the Gospel)
    • Foster Sanctified Spirituality


  • Control and Perfectionism
  • Educating Pastors Outside Ministry Context
  • Growth by Addition and Professional Evangelists
  • Focus on Familiar Cultural Groups
  • Subsidy for Church Planting
  • Despotic Leaders, Pastors, and Members
  • Sowing the Seed Sparingly